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White Rose Maths worksheets - Week 5

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We are having a ball at Kingswood!

We enjoyed an afternoon of fashion, shopping and ordering food - all using Spanish!

We had a fantastic day experiencing what life would have been like during World War II.

We completed our topic on the Second World War by demonstrating the Anderson Shelters we had designed and created as part of our DT project to other classes.  We also shared the knowledge we had gained through our independent research projects.

We enjoyed making our own periscopes from cereal boxes.  We were able to explain how they worked and how light travels through them.

Year 6 General Election

We held our own election. We discussed the snap General election and performed a role play; each 'candidate' gave their own manifesto and we debated each one before voting in our own 'polling booth'. 

Unfortunately we had a hung parliament and have to arrange a coalition!