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In times of uncertainty our beautiful Reception Class were eager to help those in need. Today we spent time talking to one another about what makes us happy and how we can share this with others. These are the ideas that they came up with. 

We are eager to photocopy the children's work and deliver them to those in care homes, who are self-isolating or are less fortunate than ourselves.

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We have been introduced to 3D shapes; learning to recognise, compare, name, explore, describe and find them around us. We particularly enjoyed discovering which 3D shapes could roll, stack, slide and those that could not. This helped us to begin to think about their properties. 

World Book Day - Thursday 5th March 2020. 

Mad About Minibeasts!

We ventured outside on a Minibeast Hunt to find out where in the world do they live? 

Reception Class have had an action packed Superhero day to celebrate the end of our topic; 'Do all Superheroes wear capes?'. Our fun filled day began with a cape admiration before we set off on our superhero training. 

With it also being Valentines, the children were asked to encourage other classes to spread love and kindness too by completing their set missions. Have a look at our friendship web. 

As part of our RE we have been learning about another faith, Islam. The children have discovered beliefs, looked at Islamic artifacts and designed their own prayer mats. 

Real-life Superheroes

This week we have had special visits from a nurse who ran a dental hygiene workshop and the police who let us live an hour in their boots. 

Our project based learning theme 'Can I go to the Moon?' took us on an educational adventure into Space.  The children have really enjoyed this topic.  Have a look at some of our highlights. 

The Infant children helped celebrate mass with Father Grant and the Parishioners.  The theme was 'Giving' and they spoke about the Christmas shoe boxes they had collected and the food they had donated for the food banks.