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We had a fabulous morning at Gorse Hill nature reserve, looking at seasonal changes.  

We braved the wet weather to see if we could spot the different types of trees, by their leaves.

We went on a wild plant hunt to see which was the most popular in our school.  It was the Daisy!

We had great fun using our halving skills to half different objects.

We had to use our map skills to locate different parts of the UK.

We have been getting into character for our new topic on Fairy Tales.  Can you guess the fairy tale?

We have been investigating to see which items were heavier or lighter than each other.

Year 1 had a great morning finding out about the birds of prey.

The children had great fun learning with our visitor Andy Tooze.  He really inspired them with his poems.

Great fun was had making our very own dolls with a wooden spoon.  As you can see, the children were very creative.

We tried covering our hand with a sock to see if it affects our sense of touch.

We spent a morning making cakes so we could write our own set of instructions on how to make the cakes the next day.

A big thank you to those parents who brought toys in from their childhood.  The children thoroughly enjoyed playing with them.

What a great trip we had learning about toys from the past.

What a great afternoon we had playing with our toys from the 21st Century.

Our Science this term is all about 'us'.  We enjoyed playing body part bingo.

The naughty bus has been up to lots of mischief in our classroom.  We enjoyed acting out parts from the story.

Christmas Dinner.

We enjoyed a great trip to Formby Pinewoods where we were able to act out 'Little Red Riding Hood'.

We celebrated the end of our RE topic 'Belonging' by sharing what we had learnt in our lessons.  We placed pebbles in the water as we left.

We have been acting out the story Owl Babies, ready to rewrite the story soon.

We took a vote and decided to name our little hamster visitor 'Stan'.  We were really lucky he decided to wake up and have a play in his cage this morning.

We celebrated the end of our RE topic by sharing what we had learnt with the other infant classes.  We particularly enjoyed the cakes afterwards.

We had to search our classroom for items that matched certain materials.

We spent the morning being paleontologists digging up dinosaur bones and trying to identify them.

We enjoyed searching the school grounds for clues to find the identity of our missing dinosaur.