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 School Attendance, week ending 9.7.21  - Whole school 94.18%.  Top three classes:  1st - Year 3 (98.65%),   2nd - Year 2 (95.71%),   3rd - Reception (95.27%).

Headteacher's Welcome

Welcome to our school website.

St John Bosco Catholic Primary School is a particularly good school with hardworking, committed and fun loving staff.  We place great importance on the personal skills of all within the school and are fully inclusive and imaginative in our teaching methods.

We use a wide variety of teaching strategies to offer a broad and balanced curriculum, underpinned by state-of-the-art IT facilities and support the teaching of the arts, sports and basic core skills as well as modern foreign languages, citizenship and community values.  Not forgetting an endless number of sports and after school activities.

We offer breakfast facilities and a wide range of after school activities including sport clubs during holiday time based at the school.  We also offer after school clubs in partnership with KID-ZONE, which is proving a most popular support for working parents.

We are delighted to welcome you and your child to our school as prospective members of a community where the Gospel values of the Catholic faith underpin our efforts to provide a quality education for all.

We are proud of our school with its happy and caring atmosphere and its tradition of hard work, academic achievement, sporting success and community involvement.  We look forward to working with you as a family, welcoming and valuing your contribution to the education of your child as well as offering you the very best of our professional skills and expertise along with a high quality of pastoral support and care.

We are a growing family school and it is our aim that you get to know our routines and us quickly. Every member of staff, teaching and non-teaching, is more than happy to help you in any way possible.  Please be confident to ask any of us for help if you have concerns, even if they seem trivial.  No problems are either too big or too small for us to tackle together - please ask.

On behalf of the Governors, staff and myself, I am pleased to welcome you to St John Bosco Catholic Primary School.

Mr D MacAreavy


Latest Newsletters

  • 09 Sep 2021
    Happy Birthday Mr MacAreavy

    The whole school enjoyed singing Happy Birthday to our wonderful Headteacher - Mr MacAreavy.

    Please see attachment for a short video.

  • 09 Sep 2021
    Data Information

    Dear Parents and Carers

    I have sent out an envelope today which contains data information sheets and Home School Agreements (HS Agreements - if your child is in reception you may have already sent this back to me in the summer).

    The data sheet needs to be reviewed, signed and returned. Due to GDPR personal information rules you cannot see your personal information - if you have a black tick next to the information we have a phone number for you stored on our system - if it is blank or you have updated your phone number, house number or changed address or name in the last 12 months could you amend the sheet so I can up date the data system with your current information.

    I have attached a full copy of the Home School Agreement for your information and ask that you sign all areas and return the paper copy with your data sheets in the envelope. Please make sure you circle yes or no for the children's information regarding photos etc as we used this for class twitter accounts to show you what is happening in classes.

    Can you send the forms back as soon as possible.

    Thank you for your help.


  • 03 Sep 2021
    Friday update - 3rd September 2021

    Dear Parents and Carers

    Welcome back to the start of a new and what we all hope will be a more normal school year. Thank you for continuing to follow our pre and after school arrangements and it has been great to talk to so many of you and it is clear from these conversations that your children and indeed yourselves are thrilled that they are back at school.

    I have met with each class and I am extremely proud of the way that they have settled in and also how smart they all look with the correct school uniform and footwear. I have already struggled to return a cardigan and jumper as there were no names in the garments. I know that these garments are not particularly cheap but they are of extremely good quality and will last at least a school year. Can I please ask you to check over the weekend so that we can return misplaced items quickly without causing distress to the children.

    The teachers have continued to develop our curriculum and make it even more exciting and appropriate and I would ask that you support your children in discussing their schooling when you can and of course supporting early reading and indeed all children's reading as this unlocks so much self-confidence which benefits all aspects of their learning.

    We are delighted to be able to return too much of what has been missed over the past 18 months and I have attached the latest NHS information booklet which is only four pages. It is entitled 'Taking your child to primary school, what you need to know?’. I think this is a simple and clear information booklet that is both positive and re-assuring but gives clear guidance as to what we all need to do to keep our children's school open and functioning as normal. You know your children better than anyone else. If you feel they are unwell they should remain at home as you would do with any illness. If your child shows any covid related symptoms you should inform the school and follow the guidance which many of you have done throughout the past 18 months. The government have made it quite clear that from the start of this term all children should attend school unless they are ill.

    I am looking forward to reinstating school assemblies which for the foreseeable future will be a separate infant and junior assembly. Teachers will be asked to contribute their classes’ weekly awards for a whole host of reasons to celebrate and I would encourage all of our children to be happy if any of their friends or children in their class receives such an award. It is important that we all appreciate each other’s skills and attributes and that we develop a character that shows genuine pleasure at someone else's good fortune.

    After school clubs are an important part of our school provision and we are pleased to be able to offer our normal range of activities that will take place from this Monday 6th September. All clubs will finish at 4.15pm and the same arrangements for picking up children will remain in place. Junior clubs will be brought to the front of the school; infant clubs will be picked up at the infant playground and leave via the Round Meade Gate.

    After school clubs for this half term are as follows

    Monday – Year 5 & 6 Boys Football

    Tuesday – Year 6 Girls and Boys Hi Five Netball (last year we were the Hi Five Maghull Tournament Winners)

    Wednesday – Year 5 Girls and Boys Hi Five Netball – Year 2 Multi Sports and Ball Games (Tom Active Soccer)

    Thursday – Year 1 Multi Sports and Ball Games (Ms Cousins – Maricourt) – Year 3 & 4 Boys Football

    Friday – Year 3 – 6 Girls Football (last year’s girls team won both the Maghull League and Cup)

    Please make sure that your children have the appropriate sports kit in their PE bag.

    We shall continue with the practice of children coming to school in their PE kit and tracksuit on the day they have PE. This has proved extremely successful and means that all of our children and particularly our youngest enjoy a full afternoon of sporting activities. Arrangements for class PE lessons until further notice are:

    Monday – Reception

    Tuesday – Year 6

    Wednesday – Year 5 swimming followed by PE & Year 2

    Thursday – Year 3 & Year 1

    Friday – Year 4

    All school payments must now be made through Iris Parentmail as we now operate a cashless school office.

    I am sorry that there is so much information but hope that you find it helpful and appropriate. I would just like to finally add how delighted we are with our first group of Reception children who have settled in so well and we hope that this continues when the remaining two groups join next week. I have already been in our reception class and I am most impressed with their level of maturity and eagerness to learn, what a fantastic start for them and indeed for all our children who genuinely seem excited and happy to be settled in their new class.

    Yours sincerely

    Mr D MacAreavy - Headteacher

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MacMillan Coffee/Tea and Cake morning24Sep2021

9:30 am - 11:30 am @ Family room and school hall.

All family members are welcome.

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