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A huge thank you to Helen and all the mums and dads that made this amazing video possible.

White Rose Maths worksheets - Week 5

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How special is this!

We have tried to make our last two days together as happy as possible.  We helped celebrate a birthday, danced, played games and had lots of fun.  Regretfully, we also had to say goodbye to Miss Bachelor who has been with us for 8 weeks.  The children thoroughly enjoyed all her lessons and will sadly miss her.

I know we all have to stay apart for a while until things are made better for everyone, but hopefully we will be back together again soon.

We have been looking at seeds and bulbs in our new science topic 'Plants'.  We have planted a variety of bulbs and cannot wait to see them grow.

To celebrate World Book Day, the children have come to school dressed as a character from one of their favourite books. 

Can you guess who they are?

We have enjoyed learning all about exercise and hygiene and why it is important to animals.  We have discussed what types of exercise we can do and why it is important for our bodies.

We had great fun learning about symmetry.  We have been making a mirror image of ourselves.

We have enjoyed learning about the Last Supper, especially when we got to eat the bread afterwards.  Yummy!

We have enjoyed researching information about Cheetahs so that we can write our our non chronological reports.

We can now calculate a fraction of a number.

The children have been learning about non chronological reports and identifying all the features.

Year 2 have been learning about the different food groups and sampling a variety of foods from each group.  Yum, yum!

We had to be detectives today and sort out which animals were herbivores, carnivores and omnivores.  Our scientist was very knowledgeable and asked the class some terrific questions.

We have been learning about different fractions.  We enjoyed learning about halves and quarters, especially when we got to eat the bread afterwards.

What an amazing trip to Knowsley Safari Park!  Everybody had a fantastic time and we learnt so much about the animals we saw.

Our scientist for the day was asking the children questions about what animals need to survive.

We have started our 'Animal' topic.  The children have been looking at naming baby animals and looking at the life cycle of humans.  We had our two professors asking the class questions and also answering their questions.  

We have started reading a new book 'Simon Sock'.  We enjoyed listening to the story and then worked in our groups to sequence it.

Lots and lots of fun was had at our Christmas party.  All the children enjoyed eating the food and dancing the afternoon away.

What a fantastic time we had when we went to see 'Sleeping Beauty' at the Everyman Theatre.  All the children were a credit to their families and the school.  Well done Year 2!

The children enjoyed the Christmas disco organised by the Friends of St John Bosco. 

Year 2 children took part in 'Bosco's Got Talent' this week.  We were amazed and proud of how talented they were. 

During our science lesson, the children investigated which papers were the strongest and weakest.  They used there measuring skills and knowledge of weights to collect their data.

The Infant children helped celebrate mass with Father Grant and the Parishioners.  The theme was 'Giving' and they spoke about the Christmas shoe boxes they had collected and the food they had donated for the food banks.

Year 2 went to Maricourt to represent our school in a multi skills competition this week.  They were a credit to their families and school.  Well Done Year 2!

The children have been investigating which materials can change shape by bending, twisting, squashing and stretching.


What a great afternoon with Year 4  showing off our fantastic work on Tudor houses! The children have worked extremely hard and were very creative. 

During our topic, 'The Great Fire of London' the children were asked to investigate a suitable material to make a bucket.  They had to think of the important properties the bucket had to be and then found which materials were waterproof.   

Year 2 enjoying their Lego Club.

We went to St Gregory's Church to look at all the signs and symbols relating to baptism.

We discussed how to stay safe during Bonfire Night and enjoyed drawing our own fireworks.

Pearl of Africa - What an amazing day!

During our science lesson this week, we have been describing the different properties of materials.

We have been learning all about Shabbat during our Judaism week.  We particularly enjoyed eating the challah bread.

We have been programming our own animation stories.

The children have been finding out which objects are transparent, translucent and opaque.

We have been looking at the inequality sign during our Maths lesson today.

Working as a team, we have been sequencing the story of 'Sammy the Street Dog'.

We have been investigating materials.  We sorted different objects by looking at which materials they were made from.

During our RE topic 'Beginnings' we have been learning about God creating our wonderful world.