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Here is Year 3's home- school learning timetable which can be used, if needed. 

Here is the link to our infamous game of hit the button - https://www.topmarks.co.uk/maths-games/hit-the-button. I recommend selecting the times tables button. Then choose a times table to work on from the 'hit the question' section. If you want a challenge chose the 'hit the answer' section. 

Here are the times tables that Year 3 should be able to recall by the end of the year. We have worked on the majority of these songs together this year however there may be some unknown ones! Happy singing!

We started our new topic on World War 1 today. We have looked at the events that lead to the war. We now know when the war started and finished as well as who Franz Ferdinand was. Here are our freeze frames at different points during his assassination! 

Happy Valentine’s Day! Love is in the air in our classroom this morning. Some of our children have some not so mystery Valentines!

Happy Thursday! A lovely message from our year 3 children in breakfast club this morning to brighten up our day! 

As part of our science topic on rocks, we have looked at soil formation and made our own compost bins. We can also add worms and food waste to them so when they come home from school we might try this!

Today we finished off our watercolour paintings. We were able to lightly sketch our woolly mammoth over the top of our wash from last lesson and then paint him. We used fine brush strokes to give off the effect of hair. We are very proud of our work!

This afternoon we finished off our watercolour paintings by adding in our woolly mammoth. We learnt about how to adapt our brush technique by adding water and changing the way we hold the brush. 

We are looking at statistics in class for the next couple of weeks. Today we created a tally chart to show our class's favourite flavours of ice cream and then we turned it into a human bar chart!

To end our topic on money we created our own shops in class today. We designed posters for them and decided the prices of each item in our shop. We then invited customers in and gave them change out of our float.

As part of our new unit on instructions we looked at imperative language and how it is used daily. We then instructed Miss Briscoe to make a jam sandwich and she did exactly what we said… it didn’t go very well because we weren’t specific enough. When we had another go we got better and then told our friends how to do it too!

On Friday afternoon, the children led a collective worship based around the theme ‘new beginnings’. As Chinese New Year was this weekend used this as our main focus.  The children delivered a sensible and sensitive collective worship. They should be proud of themselves. 

We have been looking at creating a Stone Age setting in art and have stared our painting using water colours. We have prepared our wash and will add in a woolly mammoth next lesson!

Year 3 and 4 worked in teams to work out the multiplication questions. We had to see if we could reveal the code by matching the answers to the letters on the playground.

As part of our new topic on The Stone Age we have been looking at cave art. We created our own cave art drawing using pastels. At the end of the lesson we created our own museum so we could look at each other's work. 

We have been looking at whether the two main characters in The Stone Age Boy should have entered the cave. One side of our conscience alley was for and the other was against. Om and The Boy had to decide at the end of the alley after hearing all the evidence if they were going to enter the cave or not. 

Our new English book is The Stone Age Boy. We have been taking part in some freeze frames to represent everyday jobs of the Stone Age people. Can you guess what they are?

What a fantastic afternoon! We loved our Christmas party with Year 3. We played party games, danced and had a lot of fun. There were some brilliant dance moves!

This afternoon we tasted some foods from around Europe. Some we really liked and others were a little bit... gross(The children's words)! There were croissants, chorizo, German meatballs, tzatziki, Icelandic yoghurt, Belgian waffle, pizza and apple strudel.

Our new unit in English is based on fairy tales. Today we looked at our favorite fairy tales and acted them out in our groups. Can you guess which ones they are? 

We performed our adverts that we created in our groups based on a sweet for Mr Wonka. We created the sweets ourselves and came up with a whole advertising campaign. Miss Briscoe was very impressed!

We showed off our Maya temple projects and our Maya headdresses to the rest of the school. We had lots of compliments on the hard work that we have done! 

Mr Swinden came into visit us as part of our topic on The Maya. We got to learn all about the chocolate making process and even got to make our own truffles!