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We had so much fun playing 'quiz quiz trade' to find out all about Egyptian Pharaohs. We had to use the information that we had found out about each Pharaoh and then 'teach' one of our class mates about this.  

Year 4 are enjoying the 'Tadeo Jones' video as part of our writing hook. We considered what it would be like to be inside a tomb and how we would feel. We also thought about what we would smell, see, touch and hear. 

Noah and Sienna took on the role of Tadeo extremely well as we asked him some questions. 

Today in science, Year 4 explored the digestive system in more detail. We used different equipment during our experiment to represent the organs. We used bananas and crackers to represent the food we eat, orange juice to represent the stomach acid and water to represent the saliva.

What a VERY interesting afternoon!

We have been working hard to mix and blend colours in order to create our own Egyptian sunset. We added black silhouettes on top of our background. 

Year 3 and 4 worked in teams to work out the multiplication questions. We had to see if we could reveal the code by matching the answers to the letters on the playground.

What a fantastic afternoon! We loved our Christmas party with Year 3. We played party games, danced and had a lot of fun. There were some brilliant dance moves!

We  had such fun this afternoon playing board games. We worked both as a team and competitively against each other. 

We loved making our Christingles. Christingle is a candlelit celebration which brings together people of all ages from the Christian community. The Christingle is made of an orange, a lighted candle, a red ribbon and dried fruit and sweets on 4 cocktail sticks.

We helped with our whole school collective worship. This week was the 3rd week of Advent so 4 candles were lit. 

We had so much fun creating and testing our own switches! We found out how a switch works and why they are needed.

We found out  what electrical conductors and insulators are. We created simple circuits and investigated which materials are electrical conductors and which are insulators. 


What a great afternoon with Year 2  showing off our fantastic work on Tudor houses! The children have worked extremely hard and were very creative. 

What a fantastic day!

Year 4 had a great trip to Speke Hall to learn all about its history, especially during the Tudor era. We found out all about how the house was built and the family that built it. We had a look at the rooms inside the house and even participated in some Tudor dancing in the Great Hall! 

Jack and Anna-Mae took on the role as a Tudor boy and girl and got to dress up just like them. We had a great day and cannot wait to continue with our Tudor topic. 

We had great fun learning all about Henry VIII and his 6 wives. We demonstrated our independence and creativity by designing and information pack all about them. 

Today, we became news reporters! We took on the role very well and were great presenters. We were able to discuss all about renewable and non-renewable ways of generating electricity. 

This half term, we are enjoying our new class reader 'The Iron Man'. We worked extremely hard as a team to create our own Iron Men. We used different materials and came up with some fantastic ideas. We are so impressed with the finished products. 

We had a fantastic day with the Pearl of Africa. We thoroughly enjoyed singing, dancing, drumming and making beaded bracelets.

We had a fantastic afternoon finding out all about animals from the rainforest. We observed Giant Snails, Snakes, Spiders, Millipedes and extra special Sugar Gliders.  We even got to hold them! We discussed their natural habitat, diet and lots of other interesting facts. 

We used haribo to create our own classification keys. We thought about their characteristics before coming up with an appropriate question.

We went on an invertebrate hunt around the school grounds. We searched under rocks, in the mud and around the trees. We used our classification key to help us identify what kind of invertebrates we had found.

We have been focusing on The Tin Forest. We came up with some questions for the old man and used hot seating for him to answer. We took on the role extremely well!

We have been learning all about Living Things and their Habitats in Science. We explored the different ways plants and animals can be classified. We used hoops, leaves and liquorice allsorts to help us. 

We practiced writing Roman Numerals by creating our own clocks with hoops and straws.