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We loved going outside to do our angle hunt. We searched around our playground to see what angles we could find. We found many right, acute and obtuse angles. 

We loved taking part in a yoga sessions with the Yoga Bears. It taught us to love, cherish and accept who we are and that it is okay to be unique. 

Remember: You are all AMAZING!

We have been taking full advantage of the lovely weather and used the outdoor areas for our art lesson. We used our sketch books as an exploratory tool and completed observational drawings of the things around us. 

We have been taking part in different team building activities. These have helped to develop our communication, co-operation and collaboration. We have practiced being effective team members and developed confidence in our own abilities. 

Year 4 were visited by 2 Romans. We found out about Roman banquets, looked at different artefacts, played Roman games and practised a military drill. We had a fantastic day and it was a great end to our topic.

Year 4 have had lots of fun being Romans for the day! The children enjoyed making their own leafy head bands and designing their own Roman shield. After that, the children became estate agents and tried to sell their own Roman villas that they had designed. Finally, children played Roman style games and ended their day with a Roman banquet. Everyone made a fantastic effort and had a great day.


We researched some examples of Roman mosaics and how the Romans created them. We then designed and made our own.

We enjoyed making edible Roman Roads. We used crushed biscuits, maltesers, smarties, custard and custard creams. We worked as a team to create the different layers in the road.


First Holy Communion is a wonderful moment in the lives of our Year 4 children and represents a sign of growth in the knowledge and love of God.  All the children thoroughly enjoyed celebrating with their families and friends and were a credit to both them and our school.

A huge thank you to Father Grant and all the Catechists for making their First Holy Communion very special.

We had a visit from a viking.  We learnt all about their weapons, longships, food and sports.  We had all made shields and made a shield wall and marched forward, protecting ourselves.

We have been working with clay to make dragon eyes.

As part of our Tudor topic we made Pomanders with oranges and cloves.  The Tudors used them to make their clothes smell nice.

We have been learning about the Tudors so we went to visit Speke Hall.   We learnt all about the house and the family who lived there.  Ellie and Oliver dressed up in Tudor clothes.